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Shell Steak, Mush Steak, Jewish Veal Cutlet Breaded, Veal Chops, Calves Liver Steak w/Fried Onions, Sweetbreads - Calves, Spring Chicken, Chopped Tenderloin Steak, Rime Baby Lamb Chops, Filet of Sole, Chicken Livers and Unborn Eggs, Romanian Tenderloin and More!...

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Turn Back the Clock to a simpler time..."welcome to the twilight zone"

... a time when you had home-cooked meals

We feature steaks unmatched anywhere for flavor and tenderness and veal cutlets you could die for.


...when you enjoyed old world and contemporary entertainment

DANI LUV the best one Man show!
Performing Live 6 nights a week Tuesday through Sunday!

- 6:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
- 6:30 and 9:00 pm on Friday
- 6:00 & 9:15 Sittings on Saturdays
Sunday's , show begins at 5:30 pm!

Dani Luv - Live at Sammy's , since 1998 !

Many of today's rich and famous think of SAMMY'S as Mama's kitchen!


So come, you'll enjoy!


Entertainment Comedian & Singer-
The One, The Only...
Dani Luv

Dani Luv is an Israeli singer, comedian and musician. An all around entertainer who sings classic standards from Sinatra to Lois Armstrong (the most amazing impersonation of voice and trumpet you'll ever hear).

After a full show, Dani DJs...the only Jewish disco in town.

Yiddish Dictionary of Basic

New to Yiddish?

Sammy's has put together a short outline of some basic Yiddish humorous words and phrases that might make you nod and smile. View it here...

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